Model:KF700(FA) flange type

KF700 Electromagnetic flowmeter is - kind of volume flow measurement instruments in the measurement process, it is not the temperature of the measured medium. Viscosity, density, and conductivity (in a certain range) effects

Diameter: DN10-DN2000 
Electrode:  316L,Hb,Hc,Ti,Ta,Pt 
Liner: Rubber, polyurethane,PTFE,PFA,F46 
Medium: conductivity liquids 
Medium conductivity : ≥5μ s/cm 
Accuracy: ±0.5%RS- ±1.0%RS 
Velocity of flow: 0.1m/s -10m/s  
Working temperature: compact≤100C,remote≤150C(rubber≤80C)  
Working pressure: 0.6MPa-4.0MPa(base on diameter)  
Protection class: IP65,IP67,IP68 
Related converter type: MF710/MF720/MF730 
Output: 4-20mA/ frequency/pulse output signal 
Power supply: 220VAC/24VDC,battery 
Installation type: compact,remote 
Communication RS485 or HART protocol is optional
If you want to know more product information, please click here[KF700FA.pdf]

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